PVSITES - Building-Integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment

About the project

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is currently an expansive market. However, despite a favorable framework, it is a fact that estimations of BIPV market growth have been overestimated in the past few years. A series of demands from the stakeholders which have not been properly addressed by the BIPV value chain are the main cause for this deviation. These key requirements are mainly related to the flexibility in design and aesthetics considerations, lack of tools integrating PV and building performance assisting the design phase, demonstration of long-term reliability of the technology, compliance with legal regulations and cost effectiveness.

The main objective of PVSITES project is to pave the way towards a large market deployment of BIPV technology by demonstrating an ambitious portfolio of building-integrated solar technologies and systems. The project activities are focused on providing a forceful, reliable answer to the market requirements identified by the industrial members of the consortium in their day-to-day activity.

In order to achieve this significant outcome, PVSITES project envisaged a series of economic, social, technical objectives, whose achievement would lead BIPV technology to a better market conditions and higher deployment. After 4.5 years of intense work, the consortium, composed by 15 EU partners covering the whole BIPV value-chain, has reached and successfully implemented most of these objectives. The work performed has produced a great number of high quality outcomes, in summary: Development of new see-thru and opaque glass-glass c-Si based BIPV products, with enhanced aesthetical appearance (ONYX); Completion of a family of 5 new BIPV CIGS products by FLISOM (CIGS on metal); Validation and fully characterization of PV inverters with storage; Demonstration of innovative energy management (EMS) strategies based on forecasted energy production and consumption; Precommercial version of PVSITES SW webServices platform launched (BIMSOLAR®); Installation, commissioning, permitting and monitoring of the seven building installations (5 real buildings + 2 carports); Evaluation of environmental impact on BIPV modules and systems through the LCA.